Monday, July 28, 2014

Bay Bridge San Francisco

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frosty Glance

Young lady looking out the window from a bus in Budapest

Pink Sunset

Long-exposure of a rock formation in Bardenas Reales at sunset

Into the Swarm

Oppression, interaction, collaboration. In the life cycle of nature nothing is lost, but the coexistence of different species is sometimes difficult. In Madagascar there periodically recurs the archaic antagonism between man and the migratory locust, in a circle of life where the two species [compete] for space and food for their survival. Here inside the heavy bag there are in fact locusts that the man caught during the day.

Snowy Day in Bucovina

Winter enwraps a quiet corner of Romania's Bucovina region in this 2013 photo by Your Shot contributor Bogdan Comanescu.

Kimbe Bay's Movable Feast

Animals that look like plants, feather star crinoids sweep plankton from the waters of Kimbe Bay on the coast of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. With 900 species of reef fish, the bay literally pulses with life—a movable feast for predators like these barracuda.

Knot an Owl

A camouflaged gray owl protects its nest in this Your Shot picture chosen for the Daily Dozen roundup of editors' favorites.